– GIF ART by Miloš Rajković, Belgrade, Serbia –


GIF ART is an old-fashioned and quite marginal art form gravitating between digital art, collage and animation. Nowadays, almost anyone can create GiF art thanks to the various simple animation software you can find online..but the artworks of Milosh SHOLIM Rajkovic from Belgrade have shown that it still requires a talent, idea and dedication to create a masterpiece in any form of art.

RP: How would you actually describe/categorize the artworks we are introducing in this post - are they animations, installations, sculptures, machines or something else?

MR: This is GIF ART, unexplored form with huge potential for bringing pure artistic values in every home,every cell phone or boring office in every part of the world. And i think that GIF ART, with more good-quality authors involved, can become a serious art movement in the future.

RP: What was the main inspiration inside you that initiated such process?

MR: It's the world's global society. Internet is cluttered with temporary informations, that's the reason why we have global culture that is based on boredom. My inspiration is contribution in fight against that.

RP: As we understood, it takes quite long time to create such works, can you maybe reveal some aspects of the process to our readers..?

MR: Overproduction is a characteristic of modern age, and i hate when i see that trait in creative work. When i decide to make something, 80% of the time I spend to think about the point of ideas and messages i want to achieve, and 20% of the time passes in creating the work of art.

RP: Can you please tell us about your background - you are active as a musician, painter, animation artist...?

MR: Creativity for me is the most advanced form of communication, and the best criticism tool. When you define in your head the whole creative process, you can create anything.?

RP: Your opinions on the future of the world?

MR: My vision of the future of the world is very similar to the Mike Judge's vision of the world in his movie Idiocracy.

RP: Who are the top 5 world artists in your opinion??

MR: Robert Crumb, Jan Švankmajer, Guy Debord, any Pop Surrealism artist, Mike Judge …

RP: Top 5 world musicians in your opinion?

MR: This is difficult, but if I have to choose 5 people who have raised the artistic level of music, then it's David Bowie, Joy Division, Laibach, Devo, Daft Punk (forget about the last album). See more of Sholim's art on: http://milosrajkovic.tumblr.com/