Saddam Aljumaily - Singer Exodus. Post made on 21st of June 2013

This week, we bring you a 3-pages graphic story entitled "Singer Exodus", created by Saddam Aljumaily. Saddam's origins are from Iraq, while at the moment he is residing in Amman, Jordan. He is active as a painter, curator and graphic artist, successfully maintaining his decent and recognizable style in all his works. Expect more contents from Saddam soon!

Saddam Aljumaily - Singer Exodus.

"The singer is the spirit of the city, its most shining image in our minds. Our memories are linked to him… to his voice. He is the one who treasures our lovely things in the depth of his voice. When we lose the singer we also lose our cure. And what saddens us the most is when we lose him by unforeseen force. Ignorance. Brutality. Death for free. When the singer is declared forbidden especially in the east, the singer becomes a reason for pain. A reason for grief. A reason for the expulsion of our souls from paradise. When the guardian of our souls is expelled to a dark place, life turns gloomy.

The singer is a symbol for everything that is beautiful, for all the arts that life produces and sheds its light on. We suffer from the destruction of the arts. Because it is seen as a disgraceful and inhuman behavior. Religion and society say so. These are misbeliefs that slowly kill our souls and that return us to a fetid sheepcote [a place where you hold animals]. A sheepcote that doesn’t make you feel anything but pain and fear. Why is the singer expelled, why is he accused of being sinful? Isn’t singing human’s first nature?

This work expresses a mournful loss. When a singer passes away you should remember yourself with love and think again of the beautiful things. You should remember your love or your home country with joy. When a singer passes away our souls dry out like a dead standing tree." Saddam Alljumaily